Boston University School of Management

The Boston University Health Sector Management Program provides a compelling education preparing students for careers across the health sector, including bio-pharma, diagnostics, medical devices, hospitals and health services, consulting, information technology, insurance and related areas. We emphasize team-based education and real-world application. Students learn to operate in a global context and engage in multiple forms of experiential education that complement intensive classroom sessions. In all cases, we emphasize innovation and the creation of value as leading to both career and organizational success.

Our location in Boston, a health sector hub in the US, allows deep access to leaders across the industry, both in and out of the classroom. Faculty members carry out complementary research with real-world applications extending across the sector. In addition to the MBA with a Health Sector Management specialization, we offer multiple dual degrees combining the Health Sector MBA: the MS/MBA (MS in Information Technology), the MBA/MPH (including Global Health Management) and the MD/MBA among others.

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