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The Institute of Health Administration at Georgia State University through its business focused-program strives to prepare leaders who manage change, challenges, and opportunities throughout the healthcare sector; conducts and disseminate rigorous research; and engages in extensive industry collaborations. A comprehensive academic course of study is offered to early careerists and working professionals, who value rigorous didactic content from the business and health care domains delivered in a format that facilitates applied learning and the development of professional and leadership skills.

The intent is to prepare leaders with the scholarly preparation needed to integrate traditional business disciplines such as financing, management, operations, and information technology with their understanding of the unique characteristics of health care. Collaboration among the various clinical and administrative professionals is a critical success factor externally and internally within organizations in the provision of health care delivery, and must consider:

• Unique and evolving organizational forms that require innovative leaders
• Evolving technologies that require leaders committed to lifelong learning
• Public financing systems and a regulatory environment that require leaders with integrity who understand the public trust
• Healthcare organizations that treat all stakeholders with respect and with regard for their diverse cultures and backgrounds.

HA degree programs prepare students to lead through an integrated approach to health care which can address current and future challenges in well-managed healthcare organizations that are responsive to the changing needs of individuals and society. The degree programs are:

MBA/MHA – The purpose of the dual degree Master of Business Administration/Master of Health Administration program is to prepare future executives to assume responsible managerial positions in healthcare and business organizations. An administrative residency is required.

MSHA – This program is designed to meet the needs of students who desire a background in health administration and the opportunity to acquire skills in areas of business or healthcare administration. PMBA students may take the MSHA as a second degree.

PMBA with a Health Administration Concentration – This program is designed to meet the needs of professional students who aspire to organizational and entrepreneurial leadership positions with a focus on health administration.

JD/MSHA or JD/MBA/MHA – These programs allow students to understand the multifaceted and often unique aspects of health care organizations as well as systems for the delivery and financing of health care and the complex and ever-changing legal and regulatory environment in which their enterprises operate.

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