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The Kellogg School’s Health Enterprise Management Program coordinates and promotes groundbreaking education, research and outreach in both the services and products side of the health sector. Health Enterprise Management brings together two separate programs, each with a rich tradition of excellence. The Health Industry Management Program has over 65 years experience training students interested in careers in the traditional areas of health services, while the younger Center for Biotechnology Management emphasizes medical product innovation. Students seeking careers in the health industry complete the Health Enterprise Management major, which combines courses that emphasize the common academic foundations of the health services and health products sectors with a wide range of courses focused on each sector.

Health Enterprise Management also promotes faculty research throughout the Kellogg School, by disseminating this work, coordinating databases, sponsoring research seminars and conferences, and supporting doctoral students. The ideas emanating from Health Enterprise Management faculty help transform health management and policy. Health Enterprise Management faculty are frequently asked to consult with leading organizations in the public and private sectors as well as design and deliver custom education programs to industry executives.


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