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The MBA in Health Administration at the University of Colorado’s Business School is dedicated to preparing men and women who, after appropriate practical experience in responsible managerial positions, are capable of assuming positions as chief executive officers or senior-level managers in the health care industry. The program offers a course of study leading to the Master of Business Administration with a major in Health Administration.

The program builds on a basic foundation in management concepts and techniques to address issues unique to one of the nation’s most complex and rapidly growing industries. Full-time faculty with distinguished research records and a select group of practicing managers provide students with the latest thinking on the most important issues confronting the field of health administration. The program attracts students with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, further enriching the classroom experience.

Three specializations are offered: International Health Management and Policy, Financial Management and Health Information Technology Management. Evening and online classes are available.

The Executive MBA in Health Administration is a joint venture of the Graduate Program in Health Administration and the Network for Healthcare management, a consortium of 15 universities with accredited health administration programs. The Executive Program leads to the Master of Business Administration with a major in Health Administration from the University of Colorado.

Admission to the Executive Program requires substantial managerial experience in healthcare. It is conducted on an intensive basis, with students completing the program in two years while remaining employed full time. The format requires full-time coursework in Denver for one-week periods twice a year. In the interim, students continue their studies through a computer conferencing system. This arrangement allows senior managers throughout the United States and other countries to participate in the program. In addition to the MBA degree in Health Administration, students may earn a major in pharmaceutical management.

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