Student Profile August 2017: Sukhman Kalra

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Meet Sukhman Kalra from Rotman School of Management


Sukhman is a second-year graduate student at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, studying Healthcare, Strategy, and Operations. As a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, Sukhman worked with healthcare clients in the United States across the public and private sectors in a techno-functional role, giving him the best of both worlds – technology and industry. The majority of his work at Deloitte was development and implementation of the integrated health eligibility and health information systems under “Obama Care.”

Upon graduation, Sukhman aspires to build his brand in healthcare consulting, gaining a broad experience in the industry to start and eventually specialize in digital health and lean implementations in public sector healthcare organizations.

Sukhman serves as President of the Healthcare Management Association (HMA) Club at Rotman and is an active member of BAHM’s Student Activities Committee.

When asked why he chose to participate on the BAHM Student Activities Committee, Sukhman said, “One of my goals as the President of Healthcare Management Association at Rotman School of Management is to provide a global platform for industry learning and networking for the students interested in healthcare. It is an industry where you can learn from the experience of people around the world and needs leaders across the borders to come together and solve the most challenging problems in innovative ways. The Student Activities Committee has the potential to provide such a launch pad for the future leaders of the industry.”

We are pleased to have student leaders like Sukhman as members of our BAHM community!


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